It would be in your interest, and ours as well, to go through our terms of services before you order from us. We have a strong conviction that you fully agree to our terms and services.


After you have made your order, it takes exactly 3 working days for our campaigns to commence depending on our daily traffic stats. If your order was placed during a weekend, them the delivery will take effect the next working days as weekends are not part of our system. We strive to deliver in 24 hours, however, when there is too much pressure on our network, your delivery might be effected in 72 hours. A beginning time might not be specified for you as a result of fluctuations in traffic and time amounts. We are in no way responsible for any issues if you are not able to start your campaign on the designated date.


And we are in no way guaranteeing that your targeted traffic will bring in sales.

Immediately we deliver the first hit, the order is activated and it now behoves on the client to decide either the make the visitors his customers or not.


Before you engage our services, make sure to cross check that the link you are sending us is the right one. In case there are errors relating to broking links or other link-related errors, we are in no way responsible. If the occurrence of an error comes from the client, we hold no obligation to refunding.


The delivery of your order is processed in 60 days right from initialization stage. We also guarantee targeted traffic to your web portal or website. However, we are not liable for any usage issues concerning our traffic generation package.


If Traffics is unable to deliver the number of targeted profit as promised in 60 days, you can demand for half or partial refunding of your order cost. Be however assured that we will do our best to investigate to ensure that whatever incident occurred is not as a result of our customer before any refund is processed.


We are also not liable for any issues of client’s website crashes or unavailability. It means we won’t give any refund to a client if the client’s website was down when the traffic was being delivered. However, if we are notified in advance by a client concerning server and website issues, we might be able to withhold the traffic delivery and wait until the problem is resolved before we deliver traffic. Any targeted traffic offered to a client’s site before the crash of a site is not credited.


We have kept in place robust systems which deliver traffic and track stats to ensure that accuracy is maintained. There will be a unique ID for your order that you can use to track your visitor stats. If a visitor leaves your site after just a few clicks as a result of some of the following issues: slow loading, high resolution, improper content, our system still tracks that as a visit. This gives the impression that we have been able to do our part of directing traffic to your online portal. You should, however, note that such instances are not specified by the system.


When you engage our traffic generation services, you agree that the only acceptable form of statistics on your site is given by our tracking system. And it won’t be our responsibility if the tracking system is unable to keep statistics of unique visitors because your site or server was down.


Please be aware that our traffic services is not delivered to websites with messages generated in the system windows, pop-up windows, or JavaScript alerts. Any other window that is seen on the client’s website different from ours is seen as a pup-up window. The client is not also given the permission in using JavaScript to increase the size of their window. Your web portal should not also contain any apps, files, or music programmed in Java. It is unlawful for you to use JavaScript as a way of controlling other websites or trying to add your website automatically to their network without permission. You should also note that if we realize, in the process of our drive, that you’ve made installations of pop-up windows to your site, we will, with immediate effect, withhold our traffic campaign and you won’t be refunded for that.


By accepting the conditions and terms of Traffics the client agrees to the fact that the tracking counters found on the client’s site is not the only acceptable representation of the number of visitors on the client’s platform. The client equally agrees that sales generation and subscriptions is not the responsibility of Traffics. If the client fails in their business after the campaign, it’s no guarantee of our work and there would not be any form of refund. The only responsibility and guarantee we give is genuine and quality traffic.


The client agrees that these conditions are meant for one particular order. There are bound to be changes and modifications after client orders.


Clients are not allowed to transfer any services or part of the services of Traffics to any third party. If at the time of ordering traffic from us, we are not made aware of additional scripts and pop-up windows, we will consider that inappropriate and illegal. Clients are not equally permitted to make changes to any link of a product or service unless otherwise stipulated by us. Any alteration that is made, either intentionally or unintentionally to quarantine and create unwarranted benefits of our system would not be allowed and your account will immediately be forfeited and deleted from our platform without any refund.


If there arise any conflict or dispute concerning the number of unique traffic promised to be delivered to your site, our management’s report would be the accurate and final report that any further decision will be centered on.


We have an all-round 24/7 customer service experts to give you any assistance on the services we provide. Client can contact us using different means including phone, emails, live chats, etc. You should be aware that an immediate reply to your call or chat or email is not always fast but we strive to ensure that all queries you have are answered by the close of the day (24 hours), especially via email.


For marketing sake, we might resort to using our client’s name. Be rest assured, however, that if we decide to use your name, we will surely notify you for your approval before we proceed with any plan to use your name as a marketing tool.


Any sort of unethical or illegal activity: pornography, hatred promotion, immoral hacking, and spam emailing are vehemently prohibited. The detection of any such undertaken or a behaviour depicting a sway from the specific guidelines will amount to client’s account being cancelled and deleted without any refund.


Our traffic generation campaign in generally will not be directed towards services and products that show or depict inappropriate or illegal content to the larger public. We have a range of different packages for adult traffic generation. However, services and products that seem to support illegal undertaken, hate, as well as pornography are not allowed on our platform. The illegality and inappropriateness of a product or service, however, rests on our team’s judgement.


Before our campaign drive begins, we review your site thoroughly. If you make any changes to your product, content, and or services just in the beginning of the service, your order would be ceased with immediate effect without refund.


For those issues that seem out of normal control; for instance server issues or bandwidth limitations and other server errors, we are not liable for anything of that sort. And so you should contact your service provider for details of what you plan to do and as to whether their platform support that.


If any part of our contract contains a disagreement or an illegal thing, then there would surely be amendments to that part to ratify it with the other parts of the clause staying intact.


We do not accept the interference of third party ad companies. Our clause even has included, as well as other ad websites. Our clients are notified of any hindrances as we drive traffic.


All websites and online portals that engage in services such as online dating and adult-related activities would have to subscribe to the adult traffic generation package.


Note Carefully: our sole responsibility is bringing quality targeted traffic to your site. As we provide you with the specific number of traffic ordered, we are not liable if your system’s statistics does not depict the same number of traffic as promised. Additionally, our statistics tool is the benchmark for determining traffic, no other software would be accepted. It might happen that your system will not count visitors correctly as we offer redirected traffic but be rest assured that your traffic is unique and genuine.


If you are in need of country-specific traffic, then we will deliver you that but it is not a guarantee that all visitors would be automatically coming from such country. Our ISPs make use of IPs that are surely dynamic. Thus if you use our traffic package, you consent to not holding as liable if our targeted traffic is not 100% of the specific country you want. Our database and information collection system collects and keeps data from many countries across the globe and we use this for country-oriented traffic.


By patronizing our traffic generation services, it is agreed and contracted that the client has gone through our entire service conditions and has completely understood all our terms and conditions and would not hold us responsible for almost everything that happen.


If you are in need of the best traffic to your website, then Traffics has the right solution.