The privacy of our customer is of paramount importance to us. Just as we want to satisfy your every need, we will want your privacy to protect as well that is why we provide you with our privacy policy right from practices to policies to data collection.


Our data collection method.

One of the best means of collecting data at Traffics is the use of online forms that are filled by people on websites. We also get data from your data collection volunteers. We keep and track our users on our network as well including pages visited, the number of visits, types of links clicked, and the number of visits per page. Cookies are also use to track track of our visitors. These cookies are stored on the user’s computer and keep track of their activities anytime they come to the site.


How we use the information

When we collect data at Traffics, we send emails to those visitors creating their awareness of the kind of services we offer and how we can be of help. This data is also used to track website efficiency, helps in planning the tactics for a marketing campaign, and for general advertisement purposes.


Information Disclosure

Never will we ever disclose the private information of our customers to the general public or to any other third party. However, we might just use the general information to prove our worth to investors or future buyers of our site for them to be aware of our customers.



If you are bothered with any part of our privacy policy, don’t hesitate to contact us.