Why should Traffics be my ultimate choice?

We have the experts; we handle our work with professionalism; we offer nothing but the best; and we provide quality and affordable website traffic for your online business.


How does Traffics work?

Traffics has a total of more than 10,000 networks taking care of different niches. This network gets over 10 million real visitors with more than 60 million web pages daily reviewed. We gather all this information of domain names and real people from our robust systems and applications and make sure that they are directed to your website.


Do you provide Targeted Traffic?

Yes. We have the best algorithm that is capable of even tracking the location of each visitor. This means local and country-oriented traffic can be provided to our clients. Customers also have over 300 different categories they can select from and we will do the necessary things to bring them traffic.


From where do we generate our traffic?

As already mentioned, we gather our information from online portals, domain names, and websites. Our network hosts millions of visitors and all we do is to use our marketing tactics to direct those visitors to your website.


Can I keep track of my traffic order?

Our system is robust and so we don’t keep you waiting. When you make an order, you can track its status anytime with your log in information. If you want detailed statistics, we would recommend you use a third party application called Stat Counter as it helps you keep track of your website’s real visitors.


Do I get a guarantee of Sales Generation on my website?

We are here to make sure that targeted traffic is directed to your website, but we don’t guarantee any sales. A number of online factors contribute to sales generation including quality content, quality products, the website’s design and the loading time of your site. We are meant to bridge the gap between you and your customer and what you need to do is to get your products and services and content right in the first place.


What Do I expect after I submit my Order?

All orders are delivered after 3 days of placing the order. You will always get it in time, however, if there is any issue with your order, we will notify you and our expert team will be ready to guide you. You know when your order gets delivered because you can track it within these three days.


How will I check if my order is delivered or not?

After our work is done, we recommend using another platform of your choice to verify if you are getting real visitors. Whiles you track your order, it will automatically change its status to “Completed” if it’s finally delivered.


What should I do if my traffic tracking app does not track my website’s traffic?

For excellent result, we recommend you use the Stat counter which can be accessed here ( Not all traffic counting apps work with all the platforms, however, this one is good and will be of great help.